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Due to continuing demand, this site remains up and running in an effort to provide continuing support to our esteemed customers. theGRAFster.com remains undaunted by uncompromising PayPal policies, a cease & desist demand, denial of service attacks, unrelenting hacker attempts originating from Eastern Europe and China. Attempted bandwidth theft takes place too. Add to these issues ill advised local ISP restrictions leftover from the failed regime of the exiled Gambian despot Yahya Jammeh.  As they say here in The Gambia "I'm managing".

The charting software available here at theGRAFster.com includes two price reversal pattern indicators that mimic Sequential and Combo trademarked by Tom DeMark. The additional free tools help you objectively appraise how effective they are, if at all, and for which symbols/tickers, if any.

Look4 is a simple software tool used with GRAFster7 that scans your collection of EoD ASCII csv data and returns a list of the most recent Sequential and Combo signals, if any. It is a real time saver.

Analyzer is another simple software tool that scans your collection of EoD ASCII csv data and returns a table showing how accurate Sequential and Combo signals are.


GRAFster7 Icon GRAFster7

In an effort to provide continuing support to our esteemed customers, GRAFster7 is now available for download from here only to those who have registered. So, those of you who want the upgrade to the most recent version of GRAFster7 at no cost please ask for it via an Email to support shown at the bottom of this page. You will be Emailed a link to download its setup program (2440 kB). Works with MS Win Vista and later.

If you haven't yet registered you can do so at Register Me. There are no more 2-week free trials. These days, unfortunately, exposing a software download link invites a barrage of 'Denial of Service' attacks. Note that there are plenty of sites out there offering downloads of earlier versions of GRAFster7 you might want to check.

Often during 2017 Yahoo changed their download links. To make matters worse, someone, their new owner perhaps, made an executive decision to discourage easy access to their financial market data servers. Undaunted, GRAFster7 kept pace with workarounds. Use it to download and update End of Day security price data in ASII csv format like before, and most of the data is still currently free. It offers access to free data sources that include Yahoo, NASDAQ and Tiingo. Two other sources, IEX and AlphaVantage now expect a monthly payment.

Analyzer Icon Analyzer v1.17

This free program offers an analysis of returns (% change) for two different predictive pattern indicators (Cequential and Kombo). It parses ASCII csv End of Day historical price files in a compatible format and records all instances of Top/Sell and Bottom/Buy signals. Analyzer then creates a summary table for each ticker showing for each Buy and Sell signal their accuracy. That is, for each Top/Sell signal, it shows the % of how many instances when prices declined during the 10 bars (data records) after the signal. Similarly, for each Bottom/Buy signal, it shows the % of how many instances when prices increased during the 10 data records after the signal, then prepares a table showing the returns following each Top/Sell signal and each Bottom/Buy signal.

At the same time it creates a more useful detailed report for each symbol/ticker. It shows the % change values (% return) after the signal for each of the 10 price records following the signal. This report helps you identify the symbols/tickers having price behaviors which could be exploited with these predictive patterns. Analyzer also generates optional histogram images (as 'png' files) for each ticker showing the frequency distribution of returns.

Use it to get an objective appraisal of the usefulness, if any, of these predictive patterns. It employs the same code and default settings used by GRAFster7.

Look4 Icon Look4

Look4 is a time-saving pattern search tool intended for use with GRAFster7. You will receive a link to download its setup program (863 kB) along with the link to GRAFster7. It is a free bonus for registered users. The current version is 4.05 dated 08 August 2020.

What it does is quickly scan one or more folders with your ASCII csv EoD price files and lists 1, 2 or 3 Cequential and Kombo price patterns that have recently completed. You choose daily, weekly and/or monthly time periods. View charts of the symbols in the list with GRAFster7.

GimmeFreeData Icon GimmeFreeData3 - retired

The spectrum of free historical market data sources is narrowing. MSN Money, AOL, OTC Markets, Bloomberg and Google are among those who have fallen by the wayside because of policy changes, greed or other reasons known only to them. Since 2003 GimmeFreeData has kept pace with the evolving world wide web and its EoD data sources. Every year we see a source disappearing or making it difficult for automated algorithm traders and utilities like GimmeFreeData to fetch the data. As expected, it has become a victim of its own success. So, after more than 14-years of reliable service to thousands of fans worldwide, GimmeFreeData has been retired.

But don't despair. You can register yourself for GRAFster7 and use its built-in enhanced EoD ASCII csv data download feature to fetch the data you want from a variety of free sources.