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Use Analyzer v1.17 to appraise how useful Sequential and Combo are for predicting price reversals over daily, weekly and monthly time frames. Come to your own conclusion with the help of this free analysis tool. A text file (analyzer_sample.zip) of output from this tool will give you an idea of what it does.

Files Available for Download

GRAFster7 Icon GRAFster v7.1

This easy to use security charting program offers 30 editable indicators, three of which will cost you plenty elsewhere. It reads ASCII End of Day historical price files in a variety of formats. If you do not have your own data use GRAFster7's built-in downloader to fetch data for the symbols/tickers that interest you and then  keep it up to date. Your US$20 will give you a link to download GRAFster7 along with Analyzer v1.17. You will also receive a link to download the free Look4 v4 signal finder. It runs on Windows Vista and later.

Ask for Analyzer download
            link Previously registered users can ask for the GRAFster v7.1 download link (2453 Kb) at the address shown below. If you have changed computers you will have to re-register (for free, of course).

Analyzer v1.17

This free program offers an analysis of returns (% change) for three different predictive pattern indicators after a reversal signal. It parses ASCII csv End of Day historical price files in the selected Directory/Folder and records all instances of Top/Sell and Bottom/Buy signals. Analyzer then creates a summary table for each ticker showing for each Buy and Sell signal their accuracy. That is, for each Top/Sell signal, it shows the % of how many instances when prices declined during the 10 bars (data records) after the signal. Similarly, for each Bottom/Buy signal, it shows the % of how many instances when prices increased during the 10 data records after the signal, then prepares a table showing the returns following each Top/Sell signal and each Bottom/Buy signal.

At the same time it creates a more useful detailed report for each symbol/ticker. It shows the % change values (% return) after the signal for each of the 10 price records following the signal. This report helps you identify the symbols/tickers having price behaviors which could be exploited with these predictive patterns. Analyzer also generates optional histogram images for each ticker showing the frequency distribution of returns.

Use it to get an objective appraisal of the usefulness, if any, of these predictive patterns. Ask for the Analyzer download link then fetch the DJIA and SP500 historical data from the link below.

Download Analyzer results
              sample fileDownload a zipped text file showing a sample of results from Analyzer v1.17 (48 Kb).

Ask for Analyzer download
            link Ask for the Analyzer v1.17 download link (530 Kb) at the address shown below. Analyzer runs on Win Vista and later. Don't forget that GRAFster7 will give you all the data you need for free.

Symbol/Ticker lists

A collection of the various symbols/tickers that comprise the NDX, OEX, DJI, DJT, DJU FTSE, DAX, ASX, CAC, TSE and EuroStock50 indices for Yahoo and AlphaVantage. Unzip then copy/paste the desired list into GRAFster7.

Downlod various symbol
              listsDownload the zip file (34 Kb).

Historical Data

More than 60-years of End of Day ASCII csv data for the DJIA and S&P500 index. Current to 5 Jan 2019. Unzip then use the data as you see fit.

download djia and sp500
              historyDownload the zip file (539 Kb).

Comparison Charts

To help you decide if these predictive pattern indicators are 'the real deal', here are links to some chart images for you to scrutinize how the two price reversal studies from GRAFster7 compare with the output from a popular trading platform named after a former mayor of New York City.

download the zip fileDownload the zip file (970 Kb).

download comparison chartsDownload the zip file (1440 Kb) to examine even more chart images if you wish.