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Uncompromising PayPal policies, denial of service attacks, unrelenting hacker attempts, and ill advised local ISP restrictions leftover from the regime of the exiled Gambian dictator have combined to make perpetuating difficult.

Charting and Free EoD Market Data Software will be signing off soon

GRAFster v7.0.8
Security Charting and Analysis

GRAFster7 screen shot

GRAFster7 is now available only to those who have registered and need an update. Yahoo Finance changed their EoD data download link during April 2017. So, to support loyal registered users, GRAFster v7.0.7 accomodated those Yahoo changes. Unfortunately, that change was valid only for a few weeks.

Now, with Verizon as Yahoo's new owner, an 'executive' decision was made to change once again their EoD data download policy effective 16 May, 2017. They now discourage easy access to their data.

But don't worry. Yet another updated version of GRAFster7 will be available for download as soon as testing is finished. So, those of you who want the updated version please ask for it via an Email to support at thegrafster dot com. You will be Emailed a download link once the program works reliably with Yahoo. 

GimmeFreeData v3.6
Free EoD Stock Prices

Unfortunately, the era of free EoD market time series data is nearing its end. Every year we see a source disappearing or making it difficult for utilities like GimmeFreeData to fetch the data.  The latest source to disappear is Yahoo. As expected, GimmeFreeData has become a victim of its own success.

So, after more than 10-years of reliable service to thousands of fans worldwide, GimmeFreeData has been retired. No further updates are available nor downloads offered from here.

GimmeFreeData Screenshot

Thanks to those of you who have supported this software over the years
Last updated 21 May 2017