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TD Sequential (tm) and TD Combo (tm) and TDST (tm) indicators by Tom DeMark. Try these indicators using software from theGRAFster and see for yourself. Use the GimmeFreeData program, free EoD End of Day market data download software

Charting and Free EoD Market Data Software
Why pay more - support GimmeFreeData!

GRAFster v7.0
Security Charting and Analysis

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Updated GRAFster7 is an easy to use charting and analysis application. Use it to quickly plot equities, indices, futures, mutual funds, currencies or any time series in a compatible data format. No need to be 'on line' all the time. New built-in free data downloader and updater. It offers most of the usual technical analysis indicators without being redundant, a few uncommon ones, and some for which you would have to pay plenty if it were not for GRAFster7.

Why pay more? For just the cost of a round trip trade, avoid the hype, clutter and complexity - get charts fast without exposing yourself to feature shock. After all, the fundamental technical analysis tool is the ruler.

GimmeFreeData v3.6
Free EoD Stock Prices

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Updated This popular utility efficiently retrieves up to 10-years of daily, End of Day historical stock, index, currency, fund and futures prices from Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance and Nasdaq. Get EoD data for markets worldwide.

Saves EoD data for each symbol in its own file formatted as ASCII csv text. Use this data with GRAFster7 and OptionTools2, of course, or any spreadsheet or charting application that can digest this nearly universal data format.

Yup, the program is free and the data is free too! Get it while you can and while the data is still available. Why pay anything?

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OptionTools v2.8
Stock Option Modeling

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Option Grid Screen Shot

OptionTools2 is a security option modeling application. Offers 3 techniques to generate theoretical Call and Put option values for stocks, indices, currencies and futures complete with their sensitivity values. Calculates and charts historical volatility. Painlessly retrieves delayed stock and index option prices and EoD prices for the Underlying via the Internet for free.

Check what the market price implies about risk sentiment before you take a position.

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Last updated 08 January 2017